WAC Autumn Glare 2011

While this year’s September launch wasn’t heavily attended, it was still a great event. The weather on Saturday was great, and I managed to launch two high-power flights in one day, both of which were with the newly-repaired Same Old Blues. The first flight was another try at the flight I attempted at FITS on an H242. This time the delay element behaved itself and the flight went off without a hitch. My next flight was on an I200, and was RockSIM-predicted to be my highest flight to date at 2600′ or so (500′ higher than my current best altitude). It was also another attempt at using the Chute Tamer to achieve something resembling dual deployment. The Chute Tamer worked as planned, despite the shock cord becoming hopelessly tangled due to a drogue ‘chute without a swivel, but the flight only reached 2038′, 600′ lower than the simulations, and 150′ lower than my current personal best altitude. I’ll try again next month with a bigger motor sure to fly well past my current record of 2178’.

Today’s weather was rainy and too windy to even consider flying, which is why I’m at home writing this now instead of still driving back from Mansfield.

My 18 web-worthy photos from the launch can be found HERE. I have also linked to the album on the 2011 Photos page.

Next launch: WAC Jack Frost AP Fest – T minus 27 days