2010 Photos

Below are links to my photo albums from the 2010 rocket/air show season. The newest albums are on the top. Note that clicking the links below will open a new window or tab with my SmugMug account. You may need to bypass your popup blocker to do this.

WAC Jack Frost APfest – 10/23-24/10

My photos from WAC's last launch of 2010.







WAC Autumn Glare 2010 – 9/25-26/10

My photos from WAC's 2010 Autumn Glare launch.

Pasture Blaster 2010 – 8/27-28/10

My photos from OPROC's Pasture Blaster launch.

Abbotsford International Air Show 2010

My photos from my first year attending the Abbotsford International Air Show.

Seattle Seafair Practice 2010

My photos from Friday's practice run of the 2010 Seafair Key Bank Air Show

JBLM Air Expo 2010

My photos from the 2010 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Expo.

Fire in the Sky 2010 – Day Two

My photos from Sunday at FITS 2010.

Fire in the Sky 2010 – Day One

My photos from Saturday at FITS 2010.

WAC AP Checkride 2010

My photos from WAC's 2010 AP Checkride launch.

WAC Spring Festivus 2010

My photos from WAC's first launch of 2010.