4″ Little John

Madcow Rocketry 4" Little John

Length: 47.5″

Diameter: 4″

Weight: 45oz without nose weight

Motor Mount: 38mm

I built Madcow Rocketry’s sport-scale version of the Army’s Little John artillery rocket to use it for my NAR Jr. Level 1 certification flight. At WAC’s 2010 March launch, my cert. flight on an AeroTech H148 went perfectly. Every one of the Little John’s subsequent flights has been successful as well.

2 thoughts on “4″ Little John

  1. Yes. I made the nose weight in mine modular using the method shown HERE. 4oz of nose weight (not including the eye bolt) works for most 29mm motors and 2-grain 38mm motors. I have put up to six ounces in it for a flight on an AeroTech I154 (38mm 4-grain).

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