Same Old Blues

Same Old Blues

Length: 63″

Diameter: 3″

Weight: 60oz

Motor Mount: 38mm

Same Old Blues is an Always Ready Rocketry 3″ Basic Blues kit. Its first attempt at flight ended with the ejection charge firing the instant the motor lit, blowing out the ‘chute on the pad and damaging the rocket (CLICK HERE for a photo of that liftoff). After being repaired, Same Old Blues flew successfully twice at the next launch before making a hard flat-spin landing in the middle of a gravel road. After more repairs and modifications (so much so that the decals now only read “Same Old”), she has turned in many successful flights. For over a year, Same Old Blues had the distinction of being my highest-flying rocket with a series of flights culminating in a boost to 4128′ at FITS 2013. A month later, that record was far surpassed by the Golden Eagle (no page yet).

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