2011 Flight Stats and Some Forthcoming Changes

I’ve crunched the numbers on my flight statistics for the 2011 rocket launch season. My total number of flights in 2011 was 16, eight flights less than what I did in 2010. Those flights add up to a total impulse of 2011.4Ns for the year, which is approximately a 57.1% K motor. My average impulse per flight for the year was 175.7Ns, a 57.1% G motor. My most flown rocket was the Madcow Solar Express with seven flights, and my most flown impulse class was F, representing six flights. This year, I hope to increase the number of total flights, and I expect to see a higher average impulse. More on that later…

In other news, I’ve started work on the Scientific Miscellany page, which will soon be complete. This page is meant to show off the nerdy stuff I do that doesn’t involve airplanes and rockets. Besides simply adding more content to the site, I’m hoping that this will draw more people in, seeing as right now two of the three subscribers to this site are people I know personally, and the other one is me.  I’ll also start featuring this site more prominently on my SmugMug and YouTube accounts.