FITS 2012 Photos and Launch Report

For rocketeers in the Pacific Northwest, Memorial Day weekend means one thing… Fire in the Sky.

FITS was as great as ever this year thanks to everyone who volunteered and the hospitality of the people of Mansfield. Thanks again!

CLICK HERE to view my photo album from Saturday.

CLICK HERE to view my photo album from Sunday.

Although I also attended the launch on Monday, I didn’t take any photos.

Click the “Continue Reading” link below to see my launch report as well as photos of my flights at FITS.

I accomplished four flights over the course of the weekend, three of which were high-power. My first flight came on Saturday, when I launched Same Old Blues on a Cesaroni I303 Blue streak.

This flight didn’t show as much spinning as previous flights, and topped out at 3302′, a new personal best.

On Sunday, I started the day flying my Priority Stealth on an AeroTech F22 Blackjack. This is the only motor I have ever flown this rocket on, and it always produces a perfect, spinning, smoky flight to about 200′, followed by a gentle aerobrake recovery.

Next up on Sunday was my Madcow Rocketry Little John. The Little John was built for my Jr. Level One certification in March of 2010, and , consequently, I have formed a bit of an attachment to it. Therefore, it rarely flies anymore, and I always stick to low-and-slow flights. This particular flight was no exception. The Little John flew on a Cesaroni H123 Skidmark (my first sparky motor flight) to a RockSIM-estimated 1700′.

Finally, on Monday, Same Old Blues flew again, this time on a Cesaroni I255 Red Lightning to 3443′, beating the personal best I had set two days earlier. This was also the first time I had managed to get three high-power flights in at the same launch.