Changes on my SmugMug Account

I have changed how my photo albums are organized on my SmugMug account. As a result, all of the URLs for the galleries have changed, meaning that all of the links on the Photos page are  incorrect at the moment and will redirect you to an error page. I’ll get this resolved in the next few days… probably.

My Fleet Page Complete… Mostly

I have done most of the work I need to do on the Rocket Fleet page. The only item still missing is a page for my DynaStar Rising Star. I’ll create that page once I can get a good photo of it, and  that will be after the rocket is finished being repaired from damaged sustained at the WAC launch in April… of 2010.

26 days and counting until WAC’s Autumn Glare 2011 launch at Snell Ranch.

Under Construction

Welcome to what will eventually become my new on line home. The site is currently under construction. Please check back later for some great, rocket-propelled content.