Videos from Abbotsford 2011

I have gotten all of my videos from this year’s Abbotsford International Air Show uploaded to YouTube. CLICK HERE to view my playlist.

In other news, I will start working on building the Rocket Fleet page this week, as well as deciding how I’m going to organize the Videos page.

Photos from Abbotsford 2011

I have posted my photos from this year’s Abbotsford International Air Show to SmugMug. CLICK HERE to view the album. A link to the album has also been added to the Photos page.

In other news, the site is still under construction. The next item on my agenda is to take photos for the rocket fleet page and get them added to the site.

Under Construction

Welcome to what will eventually become my new on line home. The site is currently under construction. Please check back later for some great, rocket-propelled content.