JBLM Air Expo 2012

I have (finally) uploaded my photos from this year’s Air Expo at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Highlights include the Patriots Jet Team, a B-1B Lancer, the US Army Golden Knights, and the USAF Thunderbirds.

I’m currently working on storage issues (i.e. I don’t have enough of it), but I will work on my videos from the Air Expo once I sort those out. In the meantime, I will work on editing and posting my photos from Seafair 2012 and the 50th Abbotsford International Air Show.


JBLM Air Expo 2012

FITS 2012 Photos and Launch Report

For rocketeers in the Pacific Northwest, Memorial Day weekend means one thing… Fire in the Sky.

FITS was as great as ever this year thanks to everyone who volunteered and the hospitality of the people of Mansfield. Thanks again!

CLICK HERE to view my photo album from Saturday.

CLICK HERE to view my photo album from Sunday.

Although I also attended the launch on Monday, I didn’t take any photos.

Click the “Continue Reading” link below to see my launch report as well as photos of my flights at FITS.

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AP Checkride 2012 Launch Report

After last month’s disappointing weather, it was nice to finally get back out to Mansfield to fly some high-power.

On Saturday I got my high-power season off to a great start with the first successful flight of the recently-modified Same Old Blues on an AeroTech I245 Mojave Green. The altimeter data for this flight indicates a maximum altitude of 1882′ and a maximum velocity of 313ft/sec (214mph).

Next, I re-prepped Same Old Blues and flew an AeroTech I211 White Lightning, the highest impulse motor I have flown to date.

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It seems fitting, then, that this flight also set a new personal best altitude, with the altimeter reading of 2514′ (my old record was 2178′). However, this flight brought to my attention a bit of a spin problem with Same Old Blues which I hadn’t noticed on other flights. It isn’t a really bad spin, but it is wasted energy and a bit of an annoyance to the perfectionist writing this post.

My next flight was the venerable Solar Express on a Cesaroni F120 Vmax. The F120 is a fun motor for this rocket. It’s off the pad in the blink of an eye but doesn’t go high enough to cause recovery headaches. This flight did happen to land in the swamp north of the racetrack, but no water damage occurred.

My final flight of the launch was on Sunday, with the Solar Express on a Cesaroni F36 Smoky Sam.

To see the rest of my photos from the launch, CLICK HERE to head over to my SmugMug album.

T-minus 23 days and counting until FITS 2012!